Mobile Apps Development

Mobile applications are still very popular. While the mobile websites have many inherent advantages, mobile applications have many specific usage scenarios. Therefore, mobile applications are your best choice.

A mobile application could be used in smartphones or tablets. From different app stores, we can buy different types of and mobile applications with various functions. It could be used for Entertainment, Games, Promotion, Social Networking etc.

linCogN has been creating custom solutions since 2004. We provide effective plans, high-quality products and services, extraordinary management skills and professional teams to work on any projects. Our tiny interface brings user-friendly functions to users and improves the development of mobile applications.  


Mainstream Type of Mobile Application


  • iPhone, iPad by Apple Inc.
  • Store: Apple Store


  • Samsung Smartphones etc.
  • Store: Google Play etc.


  • Windows Smartphones etc.
  • Store: Windows Store

 Blackberry OS

  • Blackberry Playbooks etc.
  • Store: Blackberry App World

Purposes of building mobile apps?

E-commerce apps

E-Commerce apps are the choosing, buying and products.

With E-Commerce apps, users can buy their goods or services conveniently, It is easier to achieve the deal and increase the customer loyalty.

Report apps

Report apps could monitor data in real-time and are usually for business use.

Report app could report some urgent problems or operation to users in real-time, and users can give a quick response and fix those problems.

Utilities apps

Utility apps has shorter but regular session times with productivity.

we usually run into particular problems, and utility apps are used for solving those problems with users' smartphones or tablets.

Interactive apps

Interactive Apps have could respond to the user’s action by presenting text, audio or video.

Interactive Apps could let users to learn and play in an interesting and flexible way.

Offline apps

Offline Apps are non-network request application.

Offline Apps allow users to check information with out Wifi connection when nessary, it could be helpful for them to check those information.

Personalization apps

Personalization Apps could let users have their own experience for entertainment, fashion or lifestyle

It could use those function for cummunicate and personal interests in anytime and anywhere.

Case Study

E-commerce apps


Shopping apps 
Users could choose clothes base on their filter options and get the promotion message from store up to date.


Selling apps 
This apps allow users to put their product to this platform.

Report apps

Sales Report 
This apps could keep track of company’s daily sales with data and report.
Business Management 
This Apps could get business sales and trends, and let users keep organized of company.

Utilities apps

They could translate words by using this app in real time.
They could edit their photo after they take a picture and then share to social media.

Interactive apps

Learning apps 
User could listen in the app lessons. The course are flexable and they can get response.
It is a game app which is allow perschool children for learning some vocals.

Offline apps

They can search the bus timetable without wifi or data by phones or tablets.
They can search the location without wifi or data by phones or tablets.

Personalization apps

Social Media 
Users could share their photo to publicize, and they can design their own page.
The user could read news by their phones by their phones or tablets.

General Questions

When it comes to deciding whether to build a native app or a mobile website, the most appropriate choice really depends on your end goal.

If your idea(s) of the apps could be applied the purpose we provided, it could be pretty safe to say that you choose should be the mobile application.

If not, you could consider on a mobile website.

Free Apps could be on promotional or advertising purposes.

Otherwise, you could choose Paid app for unique functions

Choosing a type of mobile application should depend on your clients’ needs and your budget of the project.

After our research, we found that IOS and Android dominated the operation system market with over 90% in 2016.

We suggested our clients could consider with this two popular types of mobile application.

For the Android application, you should concern on regional restrictions issues (such as Google blocked in China), it may affect the limitation of the mobile application.

For the budget, one more types of mobile application could need to pay extra 50% for each additional type. After your considering, we suggest you could fill in the Request of Quote.