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PHP works well with front end technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. There are many functions and modules in PHP that make it easy to integrate with common JavaScript frameworks such as Knockout, SproutCore, Backbone, and more. It also performs well with JavaScript libraries like the extremely popular jQuery library. When compared to other platforms, there is a larger pool of PHP developers. PHP skills are readily available and less expensive than acquiring Java or .NET skills. As a result, using PHP as a platform over the others can provide a significant cost savings to a business.

MYSQL Database

PHP works well when paired with a MySQL database. Soon after the PHP language was created, a few modules were written to simplify working with databases. These modules make it easy and efficient to work with MySQL databases in PHP.

Common alternatives to MySQL are PostgreSQL and MariaDB. PostgreSQL and MariaDB are different because they more closely resemble enterprise databases such as Oracle, while MySQL is built to be easy to use and has obtained wide support on numerous platforms.

While MySQL is a relational database, PostgreSQL is an object relational database, meaning it incorporates the use of objects, classes, and other structures used in object oriented programming languages like Java. PHP code can also be written in an object-oriented fashion using tools that are built into the language, so it can also work well with object relational databases.

What is LAMP stack?

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, and provides a web development platform that uses only open-source software.

The LAMP Stack includes:

  • A Linux based web server
  • An Apache web server
  • A MySQL Database
  • A PHP programming platform

Some of the top web development companies use LAMP stack to create dynamic and creative web sites and applications for their customers. This environment assists PHP developers by providing technologies that work well together to provide the needed services for web-based applications.

PHP Security

Security is of paramount importance to any web-based application, including PHP apps, especially if you store some type of business-sensitive data or your clients’ details.

Off-the-shelf, open source solutions suffer the most. Since their code is open, anybody can explore the codebase and attempt to find a back door.

For well-known solutions, updates and patches are issued more or less immediately in response to security complaints. It is important to update them regularly. Maintenance of PHP websites is imperative, so you need to create an ongoing relationship with your PHP developer.

The real difficulty comes when you want to introduce a particular feature, and it is impossible to do so using the API, existing framework, configuration mechanisms, or plugins. Modifying the core means that your open source app can no longer be updated automatically. This is a very serious security concern.

While PHP does not fare well as far as website security is concerned, it does not mean that you cannot build a secure web application using PHP. PHP is more permissible compared to the Java or .NET platforms. As PHP is easy to learn, there are many PHP developers out there with very basic knowledge, who do their work by copying and pasting the code from relevant websites or modifying existing components. As a result of this, many beginners make serious mistakes. You want to avoid this situation to ensure the security of your site or application.

PHP Frameworks and Components

Using PHP frameworks and components can assist developers by helping them to create clear, consistent code which complies with the latest standards. This helps to improve security and performance, while also making the process of updating the application much easier for PHP developers.

PHP Web Application Performance

When your PHP website or web application fails to perform due to a large number of users, many business people say that it is a good problem to have. We would suggest that it is only a good problem if you know how to fix it.

Many PHP website projects are built by web design companies with very limited technical skill. The site can look good and be usable, but when it comes to good architecture, security, and scalability it can fail. You might need to find a more technical provider who has better ideas about performance tuning.

Since we provide bespoke development, we can quickly and easily improve performance and build secure and customized solutions for your needs.

Hosting options for PHP and MySQL

Web sites require a good hosting solution. While there are numerous cheap hosting packages available, they are typically best used for testing or for simple web sites that require few resources. For complex and demanding web sites, this can easily be scaled up to a more robust solution like AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosting, which uses a cloud solution to provide computing resources, popular databases like MySQL, your choice of programming languages for development, and security tools to ensure that your site and applications remain safe.

When you put all of the things together that it takes to build a successful web site that will meet the specific needs of you and your customers, you will need to work with an experienced company that can provide customized development at reasonable prices. Our portfolio will show you that we have the unique ability to provide both bespoke solutions and excellent pricing at the same time. Contact us today for more information on how we can build a customized a web site or application for you!


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