Maintenance and Support

As an enterprise grows, its Web and Mobile Applications need maintenance and support. linCogN’s job is not over just after launching your website. We are always there with you throughout the post launch journey, helping you with the maintenance of your site and to come up with any solution that covers any post launch problem. We act as our client’s partners in ensuring smooth running of their businesses.

Becoming a remote team member, we stand on call for any update you may have. We also proactively monitor our client’s sites for uptime and performance issues. From quick fixes to regular consulting we get to know your site.

  •   Creative UI Design
  •   Customized Solutions
  •   Dedicated Support
  •   Excellent Quality
  •   Great Company to Work
  •   Client Satisfaction

Key Services

Web Host

Provide top asia based host for high uptime and by that we mean your site, not just our server.


Updates website content, newsletter distribution and keep up-to-date for SEO advantage.

New Features

Listens to your needs and help you enhance your website with new features and functions.

Security and Update

Keeps your website security, software version, and browser compatibility update to date.