Human Resources Management System

linCogN's Human Resources Management System (HRMS) provides a comprehensive and leading edge solution. It creates a hassle-free environment to manage human capital efficiently and effectively. Time is saved to implement organization strategy. Human Resource Intelligence is able to analyze various information to facilitate decision making.

Our professional services are the meeting point of substantial experience and strong knowledge of design concepts, innovative technologies and modern tools. This is a top-level service in intersection with offshore outsourcing capabilities.

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Featured Modules

Cloud Base

Access your global employee data instantly and retrieve it without any hassle anytime, anywhere.


Create custom forms and fields for employee data, onboarding, benefits, travel, exit, etc.

Mobile Friendly

Use mobile to mark your attendance, connect with your colleagues, and view other employee details.

Employee Portal

Leave application & approval with subordinate leave plan in Gantt chart & calendar formats.

Leave Application

Give the employer the power to manage leave policies and define the approval workflow easily.


Access to employees attendence record with integration of the attendance machine.

Holiday List

An effective leave management system is maintaining a list of public and company holidays.


Links to your careers page, auto-publication, applicant tracking, parsing resumes and scheduling.


Have that upper edge on all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses.

Expense Claims

Easily handle Employee Benefit Claims, Financial Expense Claims and Travel Claims.


Automates the process of KPI creation, performance review and management.


A formal evaluation process to ensure your workforce development efforts are on track.