The following Maintenance Contract Terms shall govern the delivery of the maintenance and support services provided by linCogN, to the Client ordering the Website Maintenance Service specified in the Quotation and Statement of Work (SOW).

Website Hosting

It’s managed hosting service (Terms of Use) with 99.9% uptime guarantee and 7 days managed backup. Services include:

- Backup and Restore Website Resources
- Security Scans and Audits
- Intrusion Prevention
- Server Setup
- Advanced Performance Analysis
- Apache Optimization
- MySQL Optimization
- Database Management
- DNS Setup
- FTP Account Management
- Domain Name Setup

General Enquiry and Technical Support

linCogN will provide the Client with annual unlimited telephone and e-mail based technical support assistance. To initiate the support process, the Client may contact linCogN via the support request form at the linCogN website, a link to which can be found Here, or via the e-mail address. The Client may also contact linCogN by telephone during normal business hours (9.00 am to 6.00 pm GMT +8) Monday through Friday (excluding official HK holidays). An initial support response will be provided within one business day either with a resolution, progress report, or request for additional information. The response time will be affected by the complexity of the question and the ability of linCogN to reproduce any errors the Client may be experiencing. Support responses will only be provided to the Client during normal business hours as specified above.

Bug Fixing

linCogN will use commercially reasonable efforts to correct any material errors or problems identified by the Client in accordance with the priority level reasonably assigned to such incident by linCogN. The Client will notify our support team promptly of any suspected incident and will provide sufficient detail to allow linCogN to reproduce the incident on its systems. linCogN may perform remote diagnostics to determine the existence and nature of an incident. linCogN is not required to provide the Client any support, maintenance, or other services that are not expressly provided for in this Maintenance Contract Terms. If additional support services are necessary, linCogN and the Client shall agree upon the terms for providing such services under an order process. linCogN shall also have the right but never the obligation to provide bug fixing to ineligible clients who is not current using the maintenance service, in linCogN’s sole discretion.

Services DOES NOT include Client-Generated incident such as:

- Client-Managed content.
- Alteration, damage, or modification to the application or content not made or authorized by linCogN.
- Problems caused by the Client’s negligence, abuse or misapplication.
- The Client’s use of the application or contents other than as permitted by the license or by law.

If linCogN determines that it is necessary to perform support services for a problem caused by any of the exclusion services, then linCogN will so advise the Client as soon as reasonably possible and linCogN will have the right to: (a) decline to provide such services; or (b) by agreement with the Client use reasonable efforts to perform such services and invoice the Client at linCogN’s then current standard time and materials rates for such services.

Security Update

linCogN will regularly dispatch the latest application version and server updates to prevent your website to get hacked and suddenly your entire website disappears and loads up as a very inappropriate site which will definitely throw off your visitors. Security updates is also incredibly important if you own a company site where security information and transactions should be kept private.​

Browser Compatibility Update

linCogN will make every effort to ensure your website will be compatible with all latest and common supported browsers (browser version with not less than 3% market share). We cannot guarantee that your website will always function for future browser version releases as technology changes. At the date of your websites launch it will be confirmed as to the browser checks at this time. The Client will notify our support team promptly of any browser compatibility issue after website launch and will provide sufficient detail to allow linCogN to reproduce the incident on its systems.

Content Update

Services include:

- Small text changes (not including changing an entire page of text).
- Add or modify a link.
- Add or change a photo/image.
- Add or modify a menu item.
- Add or modify meta data (keywords, descriptions, title, etc. on a page).
- Change page URL's.
- Upload a new advertisement.
- Change a banner ad.
- Add or modify a product in a product catalog.
- Add or modify a news.
- Add or modify a calendar event.

Services DOES NOT include:

- Redesign of a web site's homepage or subsequent pages.
- Restructure of a web site's entire navigation system.
- Create new logos or branding images.
- Troubleshoot code created or corrupted by a party other than linCogN.
- Interactive components or functionality additions.
- Write complex or lengthy forms.
- Database activity.